Where to Go Next: Foreign Traveler who Has Visited Japan Several Times

Photograph: Flickr

Next destination I want to go for my fifth trip to Japan? I do have a long bucket list of places I wish to visit, so it’s not an easy task for me.

Japan first-timers or even frequent travelers often visit the same places usually because they wanted to enjoy the spots and atmosphere once again since it’ll be more familiar for them for the second or third time. Popular cities like Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, and Hokkaido usually will be on every traveler’s list.

I’m also curious to visit the most popular destinations with its spectacularness. These are the destinations I want to explore on my next trip:


Coming from a tropical country myself, I’m craving for snow. The most snow I’ve encountered was at Kanazawa in Ishikawa Prefecture for two winters. So, I guess I’ve got to explore another snowy destination. There are two places in Japan that are famous for its snow, they are Hokkaido and the Japan Alps’ Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route.

From what I’ve seen on many videos, Hokkaido in winter is the real Frozen world in Asia, that’s why I’m very intrigued to explore the city and to enjoy the white winter. In Hokkaido, there are one spot and one event that I’m curious to witness.


During winter, every corner of Hokkaido will be filled with heavy snow, but the spot I hope to visit the most is a small town named Biei situated in the center of Hokkaido to witness its spectacular frozen waterfall called Shirahige Waterfall. The waterfall is surrounded by snow and ice, and the vivid blue water is in contrast with the white snow.

Photograph: Flickr

Next on my bucket list is to witness one of Japan’s most popular winter festivals, the Sapporo Snow Festival. I would love to observe the majestic snow sculptures and enjoy the street food stalls at the event.

Sapporo Snow Festival
Photograph: Flickr

Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route

Aside from Hokkaido, the Japan Alps is a destination popular for the snow. One of the spectacular sightseeing spots in Japan Alps regions is the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route which has the majestic snow corridor. It’s said that the snow wall is equivalent to the height of five-storey building, and the density of the wall is approximately 500 kilograms per cubic meter. I would really like to walk along the Tateyama’s snow corridor, the snowy giant wall.

Photograph: Flickr

Unfortunately, the “2020 Tateyama Kurobe Snow Wall Walk” has been canceled to protect visitors’ health due to the corona virus outbreak and only can be seen from inside the bus. Not to worry, I’ll wait for another chance and the majestic snow wall will still be number one on my travel list.

And that’s that! I’m still contemplating other destinations and seasons, but I’m also planning for another winter trip. My last cruel winter was at Kanazawa, the temperature was only around minus 5 degrees. And I’m well aware that Hokkaido will be much much colder. So, I might need another coat, the warmest and most economical coat I can find.