Walk around Nagoya’s Most Popular Street – Sakae Street

Hisaya-odori Park fountainITINERARY

Located between Tokyo and Osaka, Nagoya somehow seems to have a weak presence. However, if you try to stroll around the city, you will be surprised, and will definitely find interesting findings. This time, we went exploring the city.

Sakae is located on the east side of Nagoya Station, and it’s said that Sakae is the busiest district in Nagoya.

Tebasaki (chicken wings), Hitsumabushi (grilled eel on rice), and many others are Nagoya’s popular cuisine. You can find lots of restaurants serve those great local menus here at Sakae Street.

  • Limited Express Train to Oasis 21
  • There’s also a Shinkansen, but this time we took the Kintetsu Limited Express from Osaka. The regular fare is ¥ 4,340 one way, but it is convenient with various discounts. A little over 2 hours from Osaka Namba to Kintetsu Nagoya
  • Subway
  • From Nagoya, get on the Nagoya Municipal Subway on Higashiyama Line and get off at Sakae Station. However, the distance of two stations can actually be reached on foot in 40 minutes

Oasis 21

Photograph: Yamamoto Mamoru/Photo AC

Not far from Sakae Subway Station, there’s a futuristic-themed major terminal bus called the Oasis 21. The Oasis 21’s giant glass roof is called “Water Spaceship” (or Spaceship-Aqua). This terminal bus also acts as Nagoya’s transportation hub.

The building stands out even when it’s seen for afar. The shape of the bus terminal looks like a spaceship.

And, Oasis 21 is a definite must-visit spot for a date with your loved one, since the building is lit up with wonderfully colorful light at night.

  • Walk to Hisaya-odori Park
  • Walk through Hisaya-odori street that running through North to South of Sakae Station for about 5 minutes

Hisaya-odori Park

Hisaya-odori Park fountain

Events are often held here along the main street throughout the year, there’s always something happening in the park. It’s similar to Yoyogi Park in Tokyo.

Ship Sculpture in Sakae

Nagoya is a big city surrounded by skyscrapers and apartments, so it’s nice to have greenery in the middle of the city.

  • Walk to Hisaya-odori Garden Flarie
  • Walk South to Hisaya-odori Street, it takes 15 minutes to reach Hisaya-odori Garden Flarie

Hisaya-odori Garden Flarie

Hisaya-odori Garden Flarie promenade

We came across this great spot accidentally when we were scrolling down the city. Hisaya-odori Garden Flarie has six themed gardens, it’ll let you enjoy greenery and flowers. And, it cost you nothing.

Not only themed gardens surrounded by colorful flowers, but there are also restaurants and a pond in the back of the garden.

Hisaya-odori Garden Flarie pond
Butterfly garden

The garden is a perfect place to relax, enjoy nature, and escape the hustle and bustle of city life.

  • Walk to Shirakawa Park
  • Exit the garden, then walk west along the main street. It takes about 15 minutes

Shirakawa Park

Nagoya City Science Museum

The park itself is actually a normal park planted with trees with an open space, however, in the corner of the park, there’s a huge rocket that has a fantastic impact on the park.

This full-scale rocket is belongs to the Nagoya City Science Museum, it looks like the real thing, right? It’s enormous.

Located next to Nagoya City Science Museum is the Nagoya City Museum of Art. As I explored and saw the exhibits, personally, I think Mexican art was spectacular.

Nagoya City Art Museum

This time, we were focusing on exploring modern spots at Nagoya City, so we didn’t visit Nagoya Castle.

While Legoland in Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture has been opened since 2017, Studio Ghibli Theme park is expected to open in 2022.

It turned out that Nagoya isn’t as far as I thought from Tokyo or Osaka, so I’d like to revisit Nagoya when I get another chance.

  • Walk back to Fushimi Station
  • Exit Shirokawa Park then head to Fushimi Station. It takes around 5 minutes on foot
  • Subway
  • From Fushimi take the Nagoya Municipal Subway on Higashiyama Line to Nagoya
  • Limited express train
  • Transfer to the Kintetsu Limited Express train from Nagoya and return to Osaka