TOP 3 Must-Try Shodoshima’s Foods & Shodoshima Souvenirs

Shodoshima's Olive Ice Cream and Olive Coffee Float

Not only known as one of the hosts of Setouchi Triennale, Shodoshima is known for the home of Olives, Shoyu and Soumen. Those are their proud commodities that are known all over the world. Here are some of Shodoshima’s delicacies made from their natural ingredients you can only have on the island.

Olive Ice Cream

We found this yummy Olive Ice Cream from the shop at the Olive Hill in Shodoshima Olive Park. The Olive Ice Cream cost only 300 yen. This Olive Ice Cream tastes like a lighter version of Matcha Ice Cream. Enjoying this sweet treat while watching a scenic view of Seto Inland Sea from the top of Olive Hill.

Olive Soft (cream)

Shodoshima’s Olive Ice Cream and Olive Coffee Float at the Olive Hill

The Olive Coffee Float has a mix of bitter flavor from the coffee and sweetness from the Olive ice cream. You can get this at the same shop and it cost 500 yen. Don’t miss out on this Olive Ice Cream when you’re visiting all-things-olive Shodoshima Island.

Shodoshima’s Favorite Gelato

Shoyu, olive, and pistachio “Gelato 3 Flavors” of Minori Gelato

Minori Gelato serves natural, fresh and delicious 10 types of Gelato in unique flavors. We ordered the “Gelato 3 Flavors” of Shoyu (soy sauce), olive and pistachio. Shoyu and olives, these two flavors are made from Shodoshima’s proud local ingredients. The taste of our Gelato was a mix of sweet and savory.

I kind of spotted the shop when we were waiting for the bus to Shodoshima Olive Park, but we didn’t recognize that this was the Minori Gelato that we’ve been eyeing for. So don’t miss the shop, its right at the bus stop. Stop by for a naturally delicious “Minori Gelato” in Shodoshima Island.

Minori Gelato shop at the bus stop

Shodoshima’s Special Somen Noodles

It was autumn, we’ve been caught in the rain, and walked for hours, so this Shodoshima’s original Somen Noodles was the right medicine for our starving belly and tired feet. We were so ready to devour this Shodoshima’s Somen Noodles, and it was perfect, it warmed our body and mind.

Shodoshima Somen Noodles served together with Inari-sushi


We could smell the scent of sesame oil from the Soumen noodles, it’s because Shodoshima’s Somen made using sesame oil. The Somen noodles have delicate texture and served hot with light-flavored soup.

Enjoying Shodoshima’s original Somen noodles while watching beautiful Kankakei Gorge

Shodoshima Souvenirs

Shodoshima Island famously known for its olives, so most of the souvenirs are foods or cosmetics made of olives. We got these souvenirs from souvenir shops all over Shodoshima, some of the souvenirs are sold out very quickly.

This cute olives towel is sold out quickly, so grab it fast

Olives taste Chocolate

Found this tasty peanutty-olive-taste chocolate on the Kankakei Ropeway shop

Refrigerator magnets with the shape of Shodoshima Island, found these near Minori Gelato shop