Setouchi Triennale: All You Need to Know before Going Island Hopping

Seaside in ShodoshimaHOW TO

Careful preparation beforehand is essential to stay away from any unfortunate situations.

The highly anticipated Setouchi Triennale that started in the summer is an event where visitors who love art and nature can travel around the islands and enjoy art at the same time.

However, unlike city life where everything is convenient, there are some important points you need to know before staying on the island. Based on my actual experience, I have collected some notes you may need when you stay on the island.

Prepare to battle the heat in the summer

Sakate Port

Except rainy season in June and typhoon season in September, Seto Inland Sea that surrounded by Chugoku Mountains in the north and Shikoku Mountains in the south, has less rain.

The difference in altitude depends on the island. And as you walk, you might sweat a lot. Especially in summer, if you sweat a lot, prepare drinks to stay hydrated.

NO ATM, always keep cash on hand!

A note is written on the Setouchi International Art Festival’s official website that there are only a few ATM machines on the island. Even on a relatively big Shodo Island, there are not many convenient stores where you can withdraw money.

Many restaurants and lodges accept cash only, so please be careful not to be sort on cash.


Monkey & boar, beware of wild animals!

Tunnel in Shodoshima

This was my experience when I was walking around Shodo Island.

I bumped into someone talking about the monkey descending from the mountain and have to beware of it.

I doubted my own ears and walked for a little bit. But when I looked to the side, there really was a monkey!

In the middle of the trip “be careful of wild boars” sign also can be seen, please be careful of wild animals.

Get to the lodge early when it gets dark

This is what I experienced on my trip. When I looked around for eatery at dusk, I realized that my surroundings were almost pitch black. So, I hurried back to my lodge.

Places with less light will get really dark when the sun goes down. If your lodge located in a low-traffic area, it’ll be safer to bring a flashlight.

Gotta check the ferry time

As you can imagine, if you miss departure time, you’ll be miserable. So, you have to consider the time you need to purchase tickets at the counter. A few hours to spare before boarding the ferry prevent you from unfortunate situations.

Frog Mermaid in Ikeda Port

Each port has its own attractions. Ikeda Port in Shodoshima (Shodo Island) has this cute frog mermaid statue. So if you arrive early, it’ll be so much fun to walk around the port and find hidden attractions.