Setouchi Island Hopping – Colorful Ogres & Kagawa’s Cat Island, Ogijima

Ogijima LighthouseITINERARY

When you’re island hopping around the islands of the Seto Inland Sea, you’ll experience many unique discoveries and encounters.

There are many islands off the coast of Kagawa Prefecture, among those islands Megijima Island is only 20 minutes away by ferry from Takamatsu. The island is also known as “Onigashima” or the island of ogres.

Located a little bit further than Megijima Island, Ogijima Island not only has a long history, the island has the famous Ogijima Lighthouse and also known as Cat Island by the locals.

This time we were out to explore and island-hop to Megijima Island – Ogijima.

  • Bus to Sunport Takamatsu
  • If you’re going from Kansai Area, take the highway bus to Takamatsu Station. The bus ride takes about 3 – 3,5 hours.
  • Walk to Sunport Takamatsu
  • Sunport Takamatsu is located not far from the JR Takamatsu Station. It’s a 10-minute’s walk to the Sunport Takamatsu.

Sunport Takamatsu

View of Sunport Takamatsu

Sunport Takamatsu is the new urban center and shopping district which also acts as the passenger terminal. To visit Sunport Takamatsu, you have to take a ferry ride from Takamatsu Port. You can also go to the island famous for its art, Naoshima and Toshima, from this port.

  • Meon Ferry & Meon 2 Ferry to Oni Lighthouse Museum
  • The ferry with a very cute name will take you to the Sunport in about 20 minutes. And Megijima Island is just right around the offshore.

Oni Lighthouse Museum

Oni Lighthouse

When we arrived on Megijima, we were greeted by the Oni Lighthouse.

By the way, you can walk along the breakwater to the Oni Lighthouse, but you’ll need to be extra careful not to slip, or you’ll fall into the sea.

Oni no Yakata

The museum located in front of the ferry terminal is also functioned as a tourist information center of Megijima, it also provides cafeteria and lockers for visitors.

Megijima’s brother island, Onigashima, is beliefs as the home of the ogres. So when you walk along the road, you’ll find many “oni” (ogre), just like walking in the ogre paradise.

  • Bus to Onigashima Cave
  • Take a bus from the bus stop behind the Oni Lighthouse Museum building.

Onigashima Cave

Onigashima Cave

Take the bus to a twisting turns road toward the cave, the home of ogres.

The later discovered cave that is linked to the Legend of Momotaro, the legend that has travelled to Setouchi region, is called the “Onigashima Great Cave”.

You’ll find the story of Momotaro spreads from the entrance to the exit of this cave. But at the end, you’ll see that the ending of the story is different from Momotaro story that you familiar with.

  • Bus to Ogijima’s Soul
  • Take the bus from the cave, go down the mountain and go back to Oni Lighthouse Museum.
  • Meon & Meon 2 Ferry to Ogijima’s Soul
  • Take a ferry from in front of Oni Lighthouse Museum. It takes 20 minutes to reach Ogijima Island.

Ogijima’s Soul

Ogijima’s Soul

Next stop is Ogijima Island. If you’re lucky, you’ll meet the friendly island cats basking in the sun.

Megi Port has the Oni Lighthouse Museum, and Ogi Port has the “Ogijima’s Soul”. As you exit the ferry, you’ll find this gorgeous artwork. The Ogijima’s Soul not only functioned as the cultural exchange center, it also functioned as the ferry waiting area.


This artwork was designed by a Spanish artist and sculptor, Jaume Plensa. The sunlight shines through the roof, casting the shadow of the letters on the ground, gives a mysterious atmosphere.

  • Walk to Ogijima Lighthouse
  • The Ogijima Lighthouse is located around 30 minutes away on foot from the Ogijima’s Soul. From the Ogijima’s Soul, walk through private houses, then you’ll see the lighthouse is just around the thick vegetation.

Ogijima Lighthouse

The highlight of island hopping in Ogijima Island is the Ogijima Lighthouse.

Trail to Ogijima Lighthouse

Since you have to walk through this path (as shown on the picture above) from Ogi Port to the lighthouse, the access is limited only during good weather, but nonetheless, it’s worth taking a look.

Ogijima Lighthouse

The granite lighthouse looks beautiful from any angle, and yet, you can feel its sturdiness.

The Ogijima Lighthouse was built in 1895, more than 100 years ago. Since then, the lighthouse has always watched over the Seto Inland Sea on both sunny and rainy days.

Ogijima Lighthouse
  • Walk to Oni Port
  • Walk back to Oni Port (Ogi Fishing Port).
  • Meon Ferry & Meon 2 Ferry to Sunport Takamatsu
  • Take a ferry ride with a ferry called Meon to Sunport Takamatsu.