Jumbo Ferry Boarding Guide from Kobe Sannomiya

Cruising Jumbo FerryHOW TO

The one-way fare from Kobe to Takamatsu starts from 1,990 yen. We will share tips on how to board a convenient and affordable late-night Jumbo Ferry complete with pictures.

The Jumbo Ferry that connects Kobe, Shodoshima, and Takamatsu

Surface of the ocean

Jumbo Ferry is the most economical transportation from Kansai area. It operates between three sections, Kobe to Takamatsu, Kobe to Shodoshima, and Takamatsu to Shodoshima.

From Kobe, board Jumbo Ferry from the “Kobe Sannomiya Ferry Terminal”, the nearest ferry terminal from Sannomiya Station.

Jumbo Ferry doesn’t require advance reservation, except for consecutive holidays. The ticket can be purchased at the ticketing counter on the day of boarding at ferry terminal.

The one-way ticket fare from Kobe to Takamatsu starts from 1,990 yen, the most affordable mode of transportation from Osaka/Hyogo to Takamatsu.

There will be an additional charge for the late-night ferry on Saturday and Sunday, but still cheaper than the bus going to the same direction.

Cruise and Bus Set to Setouchi

Takamatsu Highway Bus Terminal

Additionally, you can get a good bargain with the combination of both ferry and bus with a cruise and bus set to Setouchi.

With this set ticket, you can board the ferry on Friday night, and take a full-day tour on Saturday. Then on Sunday, you can take the bus home before you get tired.


To purchase the ticket, first, you need to contact Foot Bus staff that operating this bus and book a seat by mentioning “Setouchi Cruise”.

At that time, the staff will tell you the reservation number, so don’t forget to take note.

After that, all you need to do is purchase the ticket at the ferry or bus ticket counter on the day of departure. Your reservation number is needed when you get on the bus.

Guide from Kobe Sannomiya to Ferry Terminal

It takes 20 minutes from JR, Hankyu, or Hanshin Sannomiya Station to ferry terminal by bus or taxi. The taxi ride costs about 900 yen. MAP

If you want to get there on foot, the routes are as follows. It takes about 30 minutes.

First, walk straight from Sannomiya Station South Exit through Flower Road between Kobe Hankyu Department Store and Kobe Marui Store.

After a 15-minutes walk, if you look at the high building of Kobe City Hall on the right side, you will also find Kobe East Park on the same side.

Kobe East Park at night

This is the atmosphere of Kobe East Park at night.

Kobe Customs at night

And if you walk further, you will find Kobe Customs with western-style architecture. Then when you walk past the building, you will see the Kobe Sannomiya Ferry Terminal Pier No. 3 right in front of you.

Ticket Counter on 1F Floor & Boarding Entrance/Waiting Room on 2F Floor

Kobe Sannomiya Ferry Terminal

This building is the Kobe Sannomiya Ferry Terminal.

There is a ticket counter where you can purchase a ferry ticket right in front of the entrance on the first floor.

When purchasing a ticket, you need to fill the application form (=boarding list) then pay the passage fare at the counter.

For late-night ferry, tickets can be purchased from 11 PM. The staffs are not available until then.

Kobe Sannomiya Ferry Terminal

Wait for boarding time in the waiting room and get on board through boarding entrance on the second floor.

Get the Charms of Boat Trip Only on Jumbo Ferry

Jumbo Ferry passengers can experience a luxurious and stylish interior inboard.

For the late-night ferry passengers, you don’t need to worry to get sleep on an empty stomach, because Udon shop is also available inboard.

And, you will remember the music that is played before boarding Jumbo Ferry.

♪The wind carries love, far away across the sea, when the Jumbo Ferry theme song “Futari wo Musubu Jumbo Ferry” started, the melody creates feelings of nostalgia to the listeners.

Cruising Jumbo Ferry

Wake up to the announcement song when arrives at Takamatsu Port. While rubbing your sleepy eyes, the sea breeze greets you on the deck. Several islands are floating on the gloomy sea.

When you see the endless sky and sea, that’s the moment when you realize that you have arrived at Setouchi. This is the joy of traveling by sea on a ferry.