Who we are


Based in Osaka, ROJI is a travelogue featuring places, attractions, and experiences that we have encountered in Japan. ROJI covers both traditional and modern Japan in as many places and events as possible.

ROJI’s articles offer experiences and suggestions based on our own experience (taiken), since traveling experience is different from one traveler to another.

Through our articles, we would like to convey the atmosphere of each place that filled with beauty and wonder. At the same time, we hope we can inspire both Japan first-timers and frequent travelers to experience the cities and neighborhoods that have their own unique charm.

ROJI (former WeltenRoute) is created and managed by Fukuda Takahide and Eka Fithri (@ekafifitori), who love Japan and love to share their travel experiences. They both are on a quest to visit every corner of Japan.

We will try our best to provide trilingual contents (Japanese, English, and Indonesian), although we are mainly focusing on English and Indonesian articles, we are hoping to deliver our experiences to audiences across the globe.

We also occasionally create a little video blog (vlog) to hopefully will better describe the atmosphere of places we have visited.