3 Things You Should Know Before Getting on the Night Bus for the First Time

City at nightHOW TO
Photograph: Photo AC/matisseさん

There are several tips for those who are planning to use night bus on a trip. Though travel by night bus often takes a long time, good manners will make your trip more comfortable.

1. Check the boarding place of your bus

Usually, local buses depart from the front of the train station but the boarding places of night bus are sometimes a bit far from the station. Each of the bus lines has its own terminal.

For example, a large number of buses from Tokyo Station use Kajibashi Parking, which is a 5-minute walk from Yaesu South Exit of this station. Please check the boarding place so that you don’t miss your bus.

2. Go to the toilet before getting on the bus

It is recommended that you relieve yourself before getting into the bus even if it has a toilet.

Once you get on the bus, it is probably difficult to go to the toilet because it might apart from your seat and everyone would be sleeping quietly.

In addition, toilets of night buses are often too small. So, you should go to the restroom in advance.

3. Switch off the display of your phone after the lights were turned off

Smartphone at night
Photograph: Photo AC/photoBさん

More and more people get addicted to smartphone in recent years. However, it is better not to use it on the night bus.

While you are moving, the interior light will become completely dark. So you should be very careful not to annoy people around you with the backlight of your phone.


If you are a music lover, please pay attention to the sound from your earphones or headphones. Please be aware not to speak too loud on the phone in public transportation.

On night bus everyone closes their eyes and wants to sleep, so it is better not to talk with your friend or other people.

Good manners will make everyone comfortable

Travelers face many inconveniences before arriving at their destination. Once you got there, however, you would have a pleasant time eating delicious food, looking at a beautiful scenery, and buying souvenirs.

Though traveling by night bus makes you tired because you cannot sleep enough, it enables you to travel with a little budget. If you know how to behave on the bus, your trip will be a brilliant experience.